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How TGUP Works? See About TGUP

By Default all not installed Apps on your System will be selected.
To stop the countdown and unselect all Apps, simply uncheck the buttom at the buttom left.
check it again if you want to select all.

Not Installed Apps are bold and underlined
Installed Apps with older version are italic and underlined
already installed up-to-date Apps are displayed normally in the main Window (WIHU)


tgup0018.exe /h

Displays the following help:

/h Displays help
/rm Opens readme
/u Fewer status messages
/ai:# Auto install after # seconds [default:360]
/r System restart selected
/rw:# delay System restart for # seconds
/nc Cancel disabled
/nx EXIT disabled
/nr System restart disabled
/ae:# IF no interaction EXIT after # seconds
/b:# beep for # seconds when interaction is needed
/v verbose mode
/t Keep TGUP on top of other Windows

/log:”path” Path for log file

/el:”path” Exports current list of applications to path

/FI:ShowAll Change Filter Settings
  ShowAll: Display All available Applications
  UpdateCheck: Check for Updates only

/lng:ENU Change Installation Language
  ENU: English DEU: German
  FRA: French ITA: Italian
  ARA: Arabic ESN: Spanish

/vc:Auto Settings for Version Checking
Auto: Disabled wih /oi, Else Enabled
Always: Always compare versions
Never: Never compare versions
Yes: Enabled for this session only
No: Disabled for this session only

Proxy Settings: (use once, then will be auto applied)

/PRSRV:url Proxy Server
/PRPRT:# Proxy Port
/PRUSR:user Proxy User
/PRPWD:pass Proxy Password

/oi:”path” Generate Offline Silent Installers to path
/get:”app1″+”app2″ Downloads “app1” and “app2” only
“ini file path” only applications in file will be displayed

Example for the content of the ini file:

— File Begin

+Adobe Reader
+Mozilla Firefox

— File End

Use = sign before the name of the application
to install only IF it is missing.

Use + sign before the name of the application
to force installing it, even IF it is already installed.

Examples: tgup.exe /FI:UpdateCheck
tgup.exe /ai:30 /log:”c:\tgup.log” “d:\myfile.ini”
tgup.exe /oi:”C:\Software” /lng:DEU
tgup.exe / /PRPRT:80