• Online Unattended Silent Installation
  • Create Offline Silent Installers
  • Compare installed versions with latest versions and update them
  • High speed Download using segmented download
  • Sort icons in the startmenu under suitable categories
  • Language support for Installed Apps: English, Arabic, German, French, Italian, Spanish,Dutch
  • Advanced switches and paramters for more options and faster choosing
  • Install / Download Apps from a given text file list
  • Daily version check and database update
  • Download with proxy support
  • Options to Skip version checking, hide installed Apps or update only 
  • Add your own Software Repository 

To learn more about options and features, run tgup.exe /h



To-Do List

  • Newsletter for updates
  • Add comments and rating for Website
  • Choose Apps from the Web
  • MD5 / Hash check to verify Downloads
  • remember last used options
  • Add more Apps:
    • Silverlight
    • RawViewer
    • Google Chrome